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Discover our groundbreaking Modular Structural Systems for all your project solutions.

Built to adapt Built to last Built to take the load Built for your industry

Build it with BEEEM

The Metric, Modular Structural System with toy-like simplicity, designed and manufactured in Britain. The endlessly reconfigurable BEEEM™ range is your choice for long-term investment, no matter your requirement. Available in 250 x 250 mm and 125 x 250 mm cross-section sizes, up to 2.0 m length with 75 mm hole centres.

Make it with ModTruss®

The original, aluminium, imperial Modular Structural System for multiple industries. Reconfigurable and reusable, ModTruss pioneered the hollow beam concept with its lightweight aluminium design, giving a portable and adaptable product range. Available in 6" and 12" cross-section sizes, up to 10 ft length with 3" hole centres.

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